DATE: September 24th to 28th, 2018
PLACE: Vitória/ES - Brazil


We would like invite you to joint o the XIII Brazilian Meeting of Sediment Engineering (Encontro Nacional de Engenharia de Sedimentos – ENES) organized together with Particles in the Americas 2018 – PiA 2018. Both events will take place jointly in Vitoria/ES between September 24 to 28 of 2018.
The Brazilian Meeting of Sediment Engineering is a biennual event organized by the Comission of Sediment Engineering (CES) from the Brazilian Association of Water Resources, whose main goal is the exchange of experiences and the discussion of relevant issues for the solution of problems arising from the erosion, transport and sediment deposition processes, bringing together researchers, technicians, students and managers.
The Brazilian Association of Water Resources is an entity whose aim to gather persons, physical and juridics, linked to planning and management of water resources in Brazil. Through its associates, the Association performs technical-scientific activities, which constitute themain core of its legal, institutional and social performance.
Currently, the Association houses differents technical comissions that gather associates around specific interests within relevant fields from water resources. These Comissions organize symposioms, courses, conferences and publications in their specific interest fields. Moreover, they procure a performance adjusted to the national context, persuing consensus for solving relevant problems.
The field of sediment engineerng is strategic for the country`s development, since it deals with topics such as soil erosion, sediment flow and deposition in rivers, reservoirs, deltas and estuaries, as well as the interactions between its properties and water quality.
Knowledge about sediment yield and transport is fundamental for the development of differents activities, such as public water supply, agriculture, hydropower generation, navigation, tourism and others. In addition, the study of sediments represents an important tool for environmental analysis, since depending on man`s intervention in the hydro-sedimentological patterns of a watershed, severe alterations can be noticed in aquatic environments (flora, fauna, temperature, pH, turbidity, chemical properties and others). The latter highlights the multidisciplinary character of hydro-sedimentology (hydrology, engineering, chemistry, biology, geology, agronomy, sanitation, mathematics, physics, etc.). In this context, the XIII ENES will have "Hydro-sedimentology in the NEXUS context for a sustainable society" as the main theme, seeking to highlight the importance of sustainable development, which includes the approach called "NEXUS water, energy and food", which requires integrated assessments and governance across different sectors and different territorial scales.
In this context, the event will seek to level the discussion about the central theme and several other issues that permeate Sediment Engineering in America, Brazil and, especially, in Espírito Santo, bringing a current panorama of the sedimentological conditions in the most varied environments. It will also be an unparalleled opportunity to explore studies in the Doce river basin and to consolidate new techniques and technologies that allow the evolution of this thematic field as significant contribution arise from tools such as acoustic current-meters or remote sensing. The application of the different domains of knowledge in the search for solutions to the problems involving the sediments is what motivates the accomplishment of this event.
In the quest for greater international integration, XIII ENES will be held in conjunction with the first "Particles in the Americas 2018 - PiA 2018” (https://www.sequoiasci.com/article/particles-americas-conference/), which derives from a successful event that has already made its 5th edition in Europe, in Budapest (Hungary) in October 2016 (V Particles in Europe - PiE) (https://www.sequoiasci.com/article/pie-2016-particles-in-europe/). PiA`s initial sponsorship is from the Universidad del Norte (Barranquilla, Colombia) and Sequoia Scientific, Inc. (Seattle, United States of America). Both, the Prof. Juan Camilo Restrepo (Universidad del Norte) and Dr. Agrawal (Sequoia Scientific) are the Chairs of the conference.

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